How To Use Hemp Salve for Pain Relief

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How To Apply Hemp Salve for Pain

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of active compounds, called cannabinoids. Many people are only familiar with THC, the psychotropic compound that gets you high. In reality, there are many more cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and even terpenes. While THC is typically present in marijuana, CBD is more abundant in hemp. 

Thanks to the recent legalization wave, industrial hemp is currently legal at the federal level. This has made it possible for companies to grow their own hemp, extract CBD, and develop useful CBD products for everyday use. 

Balms, lotions, and hemp salves are some common CBD products. These are quick and convenient methods that allow you to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD conveniently and effectively.

Why should you use hemp salve for pain relief? Before we get into it, let’s take a look at the benefits of using CBD and hemp salves.

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The Top 3 Health Benefits of CBD

The cannabis industry is a relatively young one; for the longest time, the spotlight has been centered on THC, but this is about to change. The world is catching up to the importance of hundreds of other cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, and CBN. 

CBD in particular has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is touted to have numerous health and medical benefits.  As the numerous scientific studies dedicated to CBD progress,  we are gaining a better understanding of how CBD interacts with the body. According to these preliminary reports, CBD may enhance your life in the following ways: 

1. Relief From Epilepsy-Related Seizures

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes the patient to suffer seizures. There are different types of seizures. Some occur in the form of a dazed staring spell. On the other hand, the most common and most unforgiving seizures manifest themselves in the form of physical collapse, shaking, and even frothing at the mouth. 

According to the CDC, epilepsy affected 1.2% of the American population by 2015; this percentage amounts to about 3.4 million people. Of these, 3 million were adults, and 470,000 were children. Today, there exists medication that’s used to treat epilepsy. This medication, however, only controls seizures and doesn’t cure the underlying disorder itself. 

Experts suggest that CBD may help stop or reduce the occurrences of seizures by reducing the excitability of neurons in your brain. This report mentions numerous clinical trials in which CBD has been found to cushion the blow of epilepsy, effectively helping to improve people’s quality of life.

In 2018, the FDA approved EPIDIOLEX (cannabidiol, CBD) oral solution for the treatment of seizures associated with two epilepsy syndromes – Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome – for children 2 years or older. This is the 1st ever  CBD-based medication to be approved by the FDA.

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2. Relief From Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders

People suffering from insomnia have a hard time falling asleep and often catch only a few hours of sleep, if any, at a time. This implies that they hardly get enough rest, even after a long day at work.

This largely affects their productivity at work and may take a toll on their personal life as well. 

CBD has been found to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. This is due to its effect on cortisol; a stress hormone produced naturally by the body. This hormone is typically released early in the morning and is the reason many people naturally wake from sleep. 

This isn’t the case for insomniacs, who tend to have high cortisol levels in their system at night. This keeps them awake at night and affects the quality and quantity of their sleep. CBD inhibits the body from producing excessive amounts of cortisol and will help you get as many hours of sleep as you need. 

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3. Relief From Pain & Inflammation

In 2019, 20.4% of adults in America lived with chronic pain from one condition or another. Another 7.4% reported that this chronic pain significantly affected their work and personal life. This was most common among the respondents aged 65 or older. 

Conditions such as arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia are some of the more common causes of chronic pain. The painful symptoms of these conditions are often targeted using strong pharmaceutical painkillers- most of which are highly addictive.

At the same time, ‘smaller’ issues like headaches, migraines, and even toothaches come with their own fair share of pain and frustration. 

The desire to manage this pain more naturally has highlighted the need for an affordable, accessible, effective, and non-addictive painkiller- and experts are pointing to CBD.

Early reports indicate that CBD may change how the brain receptors interpret and respond to pain. This makes it incredibly useful in managing inflammation and pain

If you’re suffering from arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia -or even general muscle soreness- you should consider using hemp salve for pain relief. This balm can be applied directly to the offending region or joint, leading to quick and lasting relief. 

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What Are Hemp Salves for Pain Relief?

Topicals are a wide range of CBD-infused products that can be conveniently and easily consumed. These include oils, salves, lotions, and even soaps. These products offer a quick and effective method of consuming CBD and are many people’s preferred alternative to smoking. 

Our hemp pain salves are made from organically and sustainably grown hemp and have very few ingredients. We oversee the entire process, ensuring our products are high-quality, accessible, and effective- because our customers deserve nothing less.

If you suffer from chronic pain and are wondering how to use hemp salve for pain relief, you’re at the right place. Not only will we show you how to use hemp salves for pain, but we will also share with you some of the best products for your specific needs. 

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How To Use Hemp Salves for Pain Relief

Salves, lotions, and topical CBD products are applied directly to the skin, where the beneficial cannabinoids are absorbed rather quickly and the effects can be felt almost immediately.  

This differs from edible CBD products, such as oral tinctures, oils, and sublinguals, which are digested in the alimentary canal and then absorbed into the bloodstream.  

While very effective, edible CBD takes longer to absorb, so it may take longer to notice the results compared to fast-acting topical products. 

For people suffering from sore muscles and aching joints, a hemp pain relief balm would be the most convenient solution. After these salves are applied to the problem area, they are absorbed by the skin, beginning the healing and recovery process.

These salves help reduce inflammation and pain; they work within 20 minutes of application, and their effects last as long as 3 hours. 

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Is Hemp Pain Relief Salve Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill stipulates that CBD and CBD products are legal, provided they are sourced from hemp and not marijuana. The law also states that such products should have no more than 0.3% of THC. Our hemp salves for pain all comply with these guidelines and are therefore legal for sale in the United States. 

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Rub Your Pain Away With Our Premium Hemp Salve

If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, or any other chronic pain issues, CBD and hemp salves will change your life. These products are designed to provide quick, effective, and long-lasting relief from pain, making it easier for you to be active and productive throughout the day. 

Although CBD products are frequently used to manage pain, they have a ton of other benefits too. From helping with anxiety and insomnia to boosting the body’s immunity, CBD will infinitely enhance the quality of your life. You’re only one step away from less pain and more comfort.

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