How To Find The Best Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

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Top 4 Hemp Creams To Buy Today

Hemp-derived CBD is one of the biggest emerging markets in the US. With numerous companies developing CBD products, it’s getting harder for consumers to find an effective product that fits their needs. In this guide, we discuss what makes the best hemp cream for pain, and we will share a few expert recommendations.

Although research is still in its early stages, pain and inflammation relief are probably the most studied uses of CBD. Studies show that CBD may potentially manage pain associated with some chronic conditions, and consumers are reporting relief from all kinds of symptoms.

In this article, you’ll discover the best hemp cream for pain and what types of pain to use it for.

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What Type Of Pains Can Hemp Cream Help Improve?

Pain plays an essential role in your well-being. It functions as an alert system that notifies you when your body is injured, infected, or sick. 

Despite its valuable role, pain can become a problem when it doesn’t go away. This type of pain is known as chronic pain.

People with chronic pain have to rely on OTC medicines and prescriptions, which may carry a whole laundry list of adverse effects, including dependence and ultimately addiction in the case of opioids. This has made the need to switch to alternative remedies even greater. One of the commonly used natural alternatives has been hemp-derived CBD, but does it help?

Research and anecdotal reports suggest that hemp cream for pain may have therapeutic benefits. One study published in 2020 found that CBD may hold the key to managing hard-to-treat pain without the excessive adverse side effects of conventional treatment methods. 

Now that you know CBD works, what types of pain can you use it for?

Hemp CBD Cream For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Arthritis is a chronic condition caused by damage in the joint ligaments. It has no cure, so most treatments aim to manage the pain and inflammation to improve movement and the quality of life. But can hemp cream help with arthritis?

A survey involving more than 2600 arthritis patients done by the Arthritis Foundation found that 79% of the respondents are using, have used, or are considering using CBD. 55% of those surveyed use a topical product. The survey finds that 67% of the patients notice an improvement in function, 30% say it relieves morning stiffness, and 71% say it improves their ability to sleep.

Research studies also have positive findings. One 2016 study found that transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis. Researchers are conducting studies to see if these results can be replicated in humans.

Hemp Cream For Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating and can significantly lower the quality of your life by hindering your daily activities, affecting your sleep, and even causing certain disabilities. Though back pain can have a wide variety of causes, early research suggests that CBD may help regardless of the cause.

One study published in 2020 found that CBD cream has the potential to manage acute and chronic back pain. 


Hemp Cream For Muscle Aches And Exercise Recovery

CBD is now infused in sport recovery salves to help soothe aches or muscle pains before and after exercise. CBD in creams is absorbed into the skin, where it interacts with cannabinoid receptors of the ECS, relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation.

What Makes The Best Hemp Cream For Pain?

Are you looking for the best hemp cream for pain? Here is what you need to consider.

1. Is the Product third-party lab tested?

Ensure the product you choose is tested by an accredited third-party laboratory, and the results are easily available. COAs or certificates of analysis are proof that the product has been lab-tested and passed. 

Hemp creams are tested for solvent residues, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial, cannabinoid potency, and other contaminants. You can use COAs to confirm that the product contains the right amount of CBD, is safe, and doesn’t contain any impurities.

2. Where is the hemp sourced?

Always go for creams made with American grown hemp. It’s usually higher quality due to the strict regulations by state agriculture departments and the USDA.

3. Potency

Does the hemp cream contain enough CBD and cannabinoids for your pain? Potency can be verified by examining the certificate of analysis and comparing it with what is indicated on the label.

4. Other ingredients

Does the hemp cream contain any other ingredient known to help with pain relief? Most hemp creams contain peppermint, lavender, and other plant extracts that add to CBD’s pain-relieving benefits. 

Best CBD Pain Creams In 2021

1. Trium Botanicals Mint Topical Relief Salve

Looking for the best high potency CBD salve for pain? This topical relief salve is the perfect option for targeted relief and skin benefits. This fast-acting salve provides a terrific soothing sensation in pain-prone areas such as the neck, joints, lower back, and muscles.

This all-natural salve delivers 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract (0.3% or less THC) and is infused with mint for a soothing aroma and cooling sensation. Get this premium CBD salve and experience all the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract.

2. Trium Botanicals Lavender CBD Sport Stick Salve

Are you searching for the best muscle pain relief salve? This sport relief salve is the easiest way to get relief on the go. It is convenient, comes in a small applicator that fits in most pockets, and is easy to apply. This lavender-scented relief stick is a must-have for exercise and outdoor activities.

This stick salve is made using organic MCT oil, organic beeswax, 250mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, and lavender essential oil. Get this lavender-scented CBD pain stick salve and experience the relief benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract on the go.

3. Trium Botanicals Mint CBD Sport Stick Relief Salve

This sport stick provides another way to experience relief on the go. Delivering 250 mg of full-spectrum CBD, this mint salve offers swift all-natural relief so you can focus on optimal performance and quick recovery.

This salve is formulated in line with our minimum ingredients with maximum benefits approach. Ingredients include full-spectrum hemp extract, organic beeswax, organic MCT oil, and peppermint essential oil. Get this CBD salve and stay on top of your game.

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4. Trium Botanicals Lavender Topical Relief Salve

If you are in the market for the best hemp cream for back pain or any type of pain really, this topical relief salve may be just what you need. It is fast-acting and contains all-natural ingredients for all-natural relief.

This salve delivers 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract goodness infused with lavender essential oils for additional relaxation. Other ingredients include organic MCT oil and organic beeswax. Get this potent hemp extract salve on Trium Botanicals website and enjoy the healing power of CBD.

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Kicking Pain To The Curb With Hemp Cream

CBD has attracted massive attention since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, legalizing hemp and its extracts. Of its most studied properties, pain and inflammation relief seem to hold the most potential. Many consumers have been reporting that CBD helps improve their symptoms.

When shopping for hemp creams, remember that not all CBD is created equal and check for proof of quality, purity, and potency in the certificate of analysis. If you are interested in high-quality full-spectrum CBD salves, check out our wide range of hemp topicals designed to provide long-lasting relief. 

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