How To Use CBD Topical Salves For Inflammation – Getting The Most Out Of Your CBD Topical

How To Apply CBD Salve For Healthy Benefits

CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years, and as you may have noticed, it has been infused into just about everything. While companies are rushing to make new CBD products, it may seem like no one is telling you how to use existing ones, including CBD topical salves for inflammation.

By 2019, 14% of Americans were already using CBD for various purposes, including providing pain and inflammation relief. That was two years ago, roughly a year after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp. Today, there is more information about cannabidiol’s benefits, and its buzz doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Studies have found that topical CBD may significantly reduce inflammation, provide pain relief in addition to providing a myriad of skin benefits. CBD has also been shown to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. So if you are looking for something to soothe your sore muscles after an intense workout or improve sleep, CBD is the way to go.

But despite its widespread use, the questions of how to use CBD topical salves and how they compare to hemp cream for pain remain. In this article, we teach you how to use CBD topical salves for inflammation and pain relief and suggest some of the best products.

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What Are CBD Topical Salves and How Do They Differ from Hemp Creams for Pain?

Topicals come in different forms. Some come in lotion and cream forms – made for everyday use, while balms, ointments, and salves are designed to relieve pain and inflammation

A salve is an ointment used to promote healing or to protect the skin. They are usually made of herbs, wax – mainly beeswax and essential oils. A CBD salve is essentially a topical ointment infused with cannabidiol. This gives it additional benefits since CBD can interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin.

Our CBD salves contain full-spectrum hemp extract, organic beeswax, and essential oils to ensure maximum benefits. The beeswax and carrier oils ensure the infused cannabinoids get to the skin and aid absorption. 

Salves are similar to CBD creams and lotions in that they are all applied directly to the skin. The key difference is that lotions and creams contain water – meaning they have an expiration date and typically require preservatives to increase their shelf life. Our CBD salves are water-free, which means they last longer and are thicker than creams and lotions. 

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How CBD Salves Help with Pain and Inflammation

If you have only seen CBD tinctures and oils, you may want to know if CBD salves work for pain and inflammation relief. 

Inflammation is the body’s process of fighting against harmful agents, and it’s an attempt to heal itself. It’s an immune system response against infections, injuries, and toxins. This immune system response releases more blood, antibodies, and proteins to the affected area.

The purpose of the inflammatory response is to localize and eliminate the harmful agent and remove damaged tissue so the body can start healing.

Usually, this whole process will last for a few hours or days (acute inflammation), but it may also last for months or years – even after the trigger is gone. This is known as chronic inflammation and is linked to conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Inflammation can also cause some types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis –  Research also suggests that exercise can cause inflammation, especially if it’s intense and goes for a prolonged duration.

Inflammation typically causes pain as the damaged tissue swells and presses against nerve endings. But can topical CBD salves help?

Scientists have recently discovered the components of the endocannabinoid in the skin. Both CB1 and CB2 receptors interact with cannabinoids to bring about relief and are present in all organs, which means it’s possible to target localized pain and inflammation. 

One 2016 study found that transdermal cannabidiol reduced pain and inflammation in a rat model of arthritis.  A 2018 review found that CBD in topical and transdermal applications could enter through the skin and interact with the ECS cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain and inflammation.

Many studies prove that topical CBD products can be used to target pain and inflammation near the skin, including pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. 

doctors showing how cbd topical salves work for pain and inflammation

How to Use CBD Topical Salves for Inflammation and Pain

To ensure you get the most out of your salve, we have prepared a guide to the perfect application process to get rid of inflammation and pain.

Before using any topical product, it’s important to test how your skin will react to the ingredients to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. You can do this by applying a small amount of the product on the part of the skin usually covered by clothing, then look out for any reaction.

Check the product labels to see if they contain any ingredients that you are allergic to. If you have an allergic reaction, stop using the product and seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

Otherwise, you can safely proceed to the following step-by-step procedure:

woman using hemp cream for pain in her shoulder. cbd pain lotion and hemp pain cream for sale.

How to Use CBD Salves – Step-by-Step Guide


1. Determine Where the Salve is Needed

Where is the CBD needed? Determine the location where there is inflammation or the pain is emanating from. If it’s in your arm, is it near the biceps or the shoulder? Choosing the target zone helps reach the source of the pain or inflammation and get quick relief.

You can also apply CBD topical salves to common tension spots such as temples, neck, shoulders, and joints.

adult female showing signs of leg pain and in need of CBD topical salves.

2. Clean the Area

The skin is usually covered with dirt, oils, dead skin, and contaminants that may interfere with CBD absorption. 

You don’t have to jump in the shower for this. You can use a moist washcloth or paper towel to clean the target zone. Dry the area before application.

man cleaning his hand before using cbd daily cream

3. Apply the CBD Salve

Scoop out a generous amount of salve with your finger (or tool of your choice) and apply to the affected area. Rub it in firmly but don’t apply too much pressure to avoid increasing pain.

Observe the effects before reapplying. 

Remember to wash your hands as some products may contain mint and pepper ingredients that may irritate your nostrils or eyes.

woman applying hemp cbd topical salve cream on her leg.

Best CBD Salves for Pain and Inflammation

1. Mint Tropical Relief Salve

Looking for the best CBD salve for pain and targeted relief? This fast-acting mint-infused salve delivers a terrific soothing sensation that will make you forget that you had aches or inflammation. 

Our mint-scented tropical relief salve will enhance your pre-workout routine, relieve your post-workout tension, and aid recovery. 

What’s more, this salve is all-natural and infused with 1000mg full-spectrum hemp extract (less than 0.3% THC) to deliver all the benefits of the hemp plant. Ingredients include organic beeswax, organic MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, and peppermint essential oil.

You can also get this salve in Lavender.

mint-scented tropical relief cbd salve from

2. Lavender CBD Sport Stick Relief Salve

This lavender-scented salve stick is the best way to get natural targeted relief on the go. This roll-on stick is easy to apply and can fit into just about any pocket. You don’t have to touch the contents with your hands, just uncap the stick and apply it to your skin.

This product combines the pain and inflammation-reducing power of 250mg full-spectrum CBD with the relaxing aroma of lavender to deliver fast relief when you need it. This makes it the best salve for inflammation.

This salve is also available in a Mint-infused formulation.

lavender-scented cbd salve sport stick for sale.

Using CBD Topical Salves for Inflammation – Final Word

CBD topicals are an excellent way to experience the benefits of CBD without ingesting it. CBD salves, in particular, are suitable for relieving pain, muscle aches, inflammation, and provide other benefits such as reducing acne and improving other skin conditions.

To get maximum benefits from your salve, ensure you correctly identify the affected area, clean it thoroughly, and apply a generous amount of the CBD salve as needed. Before you can find the natural relief you are looking for, the first step is finding the best products. 

If you are suffering from localized pain or inflammation, ensure you get these high-quality full-spectrum CBD salves from Trium Botanicals for maximum relief.

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