Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture For Sale

Our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture provides natural full body relief at an amazingly affordable price.

We handcraft our premium Tincture using only organic MCT oil and our premium full spectrum hemp extract.


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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Get effective results with our most simple formula; high quality hemp extract and organic MCT oil. This tincture is filled with natural cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes that can improve your everyday wellness. Incorporate CBD into your life with the most versatile product on the market; add CBD into your beverages, favorite food recipes, or simply apply it under your tongue.


  • Full body benefits (anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscles, etc..)
  • Convenient dropper bottle for adjustable servings for individual preference
  • Unflavored/Naturally Flavored (delightful, earthy, hemp taste)
  • All natural with no added preservatives
  • Third-party laboratory tested
  • Made from USA-grown industrial hemp



  • Organic MCT Oil (coconut)
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (<0.3% THC)


Suggested Usage:

Use daily. Tinctures can be taken in two ways, sublingual application or added to foods or drinks. Sublingual application will provide the quickest results and involves; applying the oil under your tongue using the provided dropper, holding for 30-60 seconds, and swallowing.

We recommend starting out with one dropperful (25mg of CBD) everyday, for one month. From there, you can adjust your dosage to meet your desired results.



To preserve freshness, store product at room temperature away from direct sunlight.






750 mg CBD

5 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

  1. James Collins

    I’ve tried more than a handful of CBD products across the country and none compare to Trium. There is a great earthy flavor to the tincture, the effects are wonderful - reduced anxiety, increased relaxation, and exceptional sleep quality. Since taking Trium’s tincture regularly, I’ve noticed myself feeling less sluggish during the day and more focused.

  2. Carol J

    This is best tincture I've tried so far. I enjoy the earthy flavor and I have been sleeping great every night. No complaints, will definitely buy again.

  3. Doug

    I put this in my coffee every morning. Helps my mood throughout the day. I used to get stuff from another company but I found these guys. Literally like 1/3 of what I used to pay... super happy with it.

  4. Sara P

    My husband and I have been using this cbd oil to help with sleep. It has made a noticeable difference! We both feel way more rested in the morning and highly recommend it.

  5. Ben H

    This is the first CBD tincture product that I’ve tried where I don’t wince when putting it under my tongue. There is no bitterness at all, which I love! I am a huge fan of CBD and now that I found a product where I actually enjoy the taste is amazing. I will definitely be a return customer. I have anxiety and Trium has perfected the formula for taste and effectiveness!

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