What Are Full Spectrum CBD Salves Good For?

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3 Ways Full Spectrum CBD Salves May Enhance Your Health

Do you have aches and pains that traditional salves and creams don’t seem to relieve sufficiently? Most people are now switching to CBD topicals for relief from various conditions and other wellness benefits, but is it time for you to make the move? Also, what are full spectrum CBD salves good for

As you are probably aware, CBD has become wildly popular across the globe because of its recent legalization and an expanding range of health and wellness benefits. From providing pain relief, reducing anxiety to improving sleep, the list of potential illnesses that it may help address keeps growing with each research study carried out.

Another interesting thing about CBD are the many delivery methods that you can use to enjoy its benefits. With tinctures, oils, capsules, and edibles, you can experience the full-body benefits of CBD, including relief from anxiety, pain, and sleep improvement. But if ingesting cannabinoids is not for you, you can apply CBD to the skin.

But first, what are CBD topicals & salves? 

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What Are Full Spectrum CBD Salves?

Salves are types of ointment applied to the skin to protect it or to promote healing. They are usually a mix of ingredients infused with plant extracts. Salves also contain beeswax and essential oils that help the active ingredients get onto the skin or be easily absorbed.

A full spectrum CBD salve is no different from the traditional definition; the only separation is that they contain cannabidiol as the active ingredient. Cannabidiol is one of the 100 plus cannabinoids identified in the cannabis/hemp plant. It’s the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis.

CBD has gained massive popularity as the masses got wind of its potential therapeutic benefits after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized it. CBD may be used through different methods, including orally and through the skin, which is why it’s infused into topicals such as salves.

CBD salves are similar to other CBD topicals such as lotions and CBD creams in that they are all applied directly to the skin. However, they are not the same product. CBD lotions and creams contain water and therefore have an expiry date. Salves are water-free, which means they have a longer shelf life and don’t require preservatives. They are also thicker than creams and lotions.

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How Does CBD Salve Work?

You may be wondering how CBD salves work? Does it get into the bloodstream? Is it better than using CBD orally? 

The skin is your largest organ. And while it serves as a barrier to harmful substances, it also allows the absorption of various molecules into the body. By applying a CBD salve topically, the oils in the salve promote the movement of CBD and other cannabinoids across the skin membranes.

CBD applied topically doesn’t need to reach your bloodstream to work; instead, it interacts with the encircling cells. This makes CBD salves the best for targeting localized pain, inflammation, and skin conditions.

CBD exerts its effects by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has two primary cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Both are found throughout your body, including the skin.

Therefore, CBD in topicals can interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the target area without getting into the bloodstream. CBD topicals are a great alternative for people who don’t want to ingest CBD but still want relief for localized conditions. But what are CBD salves good for?

Doctors discussing how to use full spectrum cbd oil salve for pain relief.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Salves – What Are They Good For?

CBD is touted as a natural alternative for those seeking relief from various ailments, but most of those statements usually refer to oral CBD products. Does CBD in salves have the same benefits as tinctures and edibles? 

All cannabinoids work by interacting or influencing the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. But the difference in delivery methods means that each has its unique benefits as well as cons. So, if you are wondering if CBD salves can work for anxiety, you’d be better off with our full-spectrum tincture than a salve. But what is CBD salve good for?

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1. CBD Salve for Pain

Pain is probably CBD’s most researched use, and if you are looking for some natural relief, we have some good news for you. Multiple studies show that CBD benefits managing several types of pain, including arthritis pain, TMD, and nerve pain. CBD salve may also work for plantar fasciitis – a condition that causes foot pain and inflammation.

  • TMD pain

A study published in 2019 found that people with a specific type of condition – temporomandibular disorder (TMD) that causes pain and stiffening around the jaw may find relief by using topical CBD products.

Adult man showing signs of a tooth ache.

  • Neuropathic pain

Another study found that CBD may reduce pain experienced by people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathic pain is caused by nerve damage or disorders such as diabetes. One study estimates that almost 16 million Americans suffer from chronic neuropathic pain.

  • Arthritis pain

This 2016 study on a rat model of arthritis found that transdermal CBD had long-lasting pain-relief and anti-inflammation effects. Clinical studies on CBD for arthritis are still ongoing, but reports from people using CBD are promising. 

Woman showing signs of arthritis pain in her wrist and ready to use cbd topical salve for relief.

2. Full Spectrum CBD Salves for Workout Recovery

CBD may help you enhance your pre-workout stretching and aid post-workout recovery. It works in the same way as it works for pain. Intense workouts, sports games, or other physical activities may cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. As a result, your body starts the healing process, which results in inflammation and, sometimes, pain.

CBD salves can help reduce pain and inflammation and help soothe your sore muscles. This aids your body’s healing mechanisms helping you recover faster after an intense workout.

Woman relaxing on sofa post-workout after using full spectrum hemp cbd salve for relief.

3. Full Spectrum CBD Salve for Skin Conditions

The American Academy of Dermatology Association reports that CBD topicals may help relieve skin conditions by reducing the inflammation associated with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that is defined by inflamed or irritated skin. CBD salves can help reduce inflammation and soothe other eczema-related symptoms such as itching and pain.

  • Acne

Acne is another common skin condition. Studies show that CBD may help regulate the overproduction of sebum. Excess sebum can block pores which may cause acne breakouts. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also help minimize current acne breakouts.

Woman applying topical cbd salve to treat acne.

  • Psoriasis

An article by the National Psoriasis Foundation notes that CBD may have the potential to control psoriasis. A 2007 study also found that cannabinoids, including CBD, may help slow skin cell growth, which may play a role in treating psoriasis.

  • Anti-aging

While CBD doesn’t eliminate wrinkles, applying a salve on the target area may stimulate oil production, minimizing their appearance. CBD also has antioxidant properties that get rid of free radicals that can damage cells and cause skin aging.

Photo of woman using full spectrum hemp cbd oil topical salve for anti-aging skincare.

How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Salves

CBD salves are applied just like any other topical product. The best way to use CBD salves is to identify the target area – the part affected by pain, inflammation, or skin condition; then clean the area to rid of oils, dirt, and germs. 

After the area is clean and dry, scoop some CBD salve and massage it into the skin. Try to scoop out only enough salve for the area. Applying too much salve will only make you feel too oily.

It doesn’t take long for CBD salves to work. You can feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes, and they may go on for up to four hours. This means CBD salves may work faster than edibles.

Woman using all natural full spectrum cbd cream on her leg.

What Are The of Side Effects CBD Salves?

CBD has no notable side effects when applied to the skin. However, it’s always recommended that you check the product’s label for ingredients you may be allergic to. 

Before applying, you may test topicals on a small part of the skin, usually hidden by clothing, to observe any adverse reaction before applying on the target areas.

Doctor discussing the side effects for cbd creams and lotions with a female patient.

Are Full Spectrum CBD Salves What You Need?

Now that you know what CBD salves are good for, are they what you need? CBD topicals provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing pain and inflammation to anti-aging to providing relief from several skin conditions.

If you are looking to experience these benefits, check out our range of premium CBD salves, including this mint-scented sports salve stick that provides a terrific soothing sensation after and before your workout. 

We make our CBD salves using the minimal ingredients and maximum benefits approach. That’s why they only contain full-spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT oil, organic beeswax, and essential oils. Our goal is to provide more natural solutions that work to better our communities’ health and lives.

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